Additional Information for Teams - Middle Distance

Middle Distance Final Marateca April 14th


(14.04.14 – 01:30)

  1. First start Men – 09:00
  •     First start Women - 09:31

    Final startlists available on the website (see date and time above)

2. Quarantine

    a. At start: 08:00 – 11:30

                    i. Enough space for warm-up

    b. At Finish/Arena: 09:30 – 11:30 after SI readout (no contact

with public and people in the Arena). Coaches allowed (once

inside, shall not leave).

3. Toilets

    a. At quarantine: 2

    b. At the start: none

    c. At finish: None in the quarantine (chaperon if needed to go

outside quarantine)

    d. Arena: 6

4. Antidoping

    a. Return to parking after 14:00 (NEW TIME because of latest

start Men = 13h)

5. Tents

    a. At start: One tent from Organizer, you can bring your own


    b. At finish: None from the Organizer, you can bring your own


6. Exit quarantine – 10 minutes

7. Map maker – Alexandre Reis; Course planner – Alexandre Reis

8. Control descriptions

a. Woman: 17x6 cm

b. Men – 20x6 cm

9. Size of the map - 25x34 cms

10. Special symbols

Green cross = death trees and trunks

11. GPS harnesses and 54 tracking units

    a. They will be handed out in the quarantine.

    b. 20 last runners of Men (bib number 1 to 20) and Women (bib

number 201 to 220);

    c. Runners chosen by the organizers (see bib number below):

        i. Woman: 223, 228, 247, 252, 254;

        ii. Men: 21, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 35, 37, 101;

12. Compulsory passages trough barbed wire fence

The barbed wire fences are between 1m20 and 1m70 in height.

They can’t be crossed safely in other spots than the passages as

indicated in the image below.

13. Refreshments: none.

14. Out of bounds areas – none

15. Coaching zone and spectators control - none.

16. Big screen will be used in the arena

17. Cool down area inside the arena/quarantine (until 11:30) and, afterwards,

NW on the track leaving the arena

18. Expected winning times

     a. Men – 35 minutes

     b. Woman – 34 minutes

TOM Presentations

9th April (click to download)

10th April(click to download)

 11th April (click to download)

12th April (click to download) 

14th April (click to download)

15th April (click to download)


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